Monday, October 8, 2012

She-Hulk 9: She-Hulk Gets Hitched!

Yes, this is the issue She-Hulk goes to Las Vegas with The Man-Wolf and gets married (and by an Elvis impersonator naturally).  It's another great Dan Slott issue.  Sometimes there's not much to say about these issues, other than that they're well-written and even non-superhero fans will likely enjoy reading them.  Here are some more random thoughts anyway:

*I never got issue 8.  Not only did I miss it when it first came out, but I never even saw it in the back issue bins when I was looking for it in the last year or two.  Despite probably having the highest print run of any Dan Slott She-Hulk (it went to a second printing), the book isn't readily found.  This is likely because it tied in with the Marvel event Civil War in which Captain American and Iron Man faced off in a sort of Bush Jr. era parable about the tradeoff between liberty and security, so people collecting Civil War comics (as in the Marvel storyline I just described, not 1861-1865 battles between the Union and the Confederacy, though I'm sure some people out there collect those as well) also bought copies and apparently they're hanging on to them.  I did read the comic on Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited and it was another good one.

*9 features two short stories, both a lot of fun.  Paul Smith does the art on the first story.  I enjoyed his X-Men run as a kid, so it was nice to see a comic by him again.

*Spider-Man characters pop up and Slott once again demonstrates he has a fine handle of the Webslinger and crew, a factor that no doubt led to him becoming Spidey's regular writer.  Along those lines (weblines of course), he apparently has something big planned for the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man (700, for those of you keeping count on your scorecards at home) which will be published in December (why these comic companies keep wanting to reboot old series with new numbering is a topic I won't rant about, but yes, it is annoying).  Rumor has it that Spidey gets Doc Ock's arms grafted to him or something just in time for Marvel to goose sales with a new number one issue.  It sounds ridiculous, but it's Slott so even I might be picking up that one (if I can find it; I might get left out of the fun just like with She-Hulk 8).  I don't think I've bought a Spider-Man comic from the stands in a decade or so, but reading these She-Hulks makes me want to see what Slott's been up to lately.  Plus, I only buy about a comic a week and I like to buy one a month from DC, Marvel, and an independent company, and I haven't bought any Marvels regularly for a few months (though I did pick up Steve Gerber's last Man-Thing series) since I tired of Ed Brubaker's writing on Captain America and Winter Soldier (I still love his Criminal though, but strangely enough I couldn't get into Fatale, maybe due to the supernatural aspects).

*The spittake page (with nine characters spitting out liquid upon hearing of She-Hulk's marriage) on page 7 is fantastic.  We're in Alan Moore genius page layout and characterization territory here, folks.      

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