Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She-Hulk 17: Well, At Least Tony Stark's Cooler Than Clay Quartermain

This month, She-Hulk sleeps with Iron Man.  And, oh yeah, she fights a Hulk villain who's taken over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.  Boy, she's really gotten into the whole spy thing.  Just like James Bond, she has a different love interest each time.  Here are some other random thoughts on this issue:

*During the sleeping with Tony Stark scene (he doesn't wear his armor during sex apparently, though with the She-Hulk involved one would think he might have done so), Stark and Shulkie discuss sexual double standards such as when a male sleeps around he's often considered a stud whereas if a woman does the same she's often considered a slut.  So, one gets some feminist critique mixed in with the cheesecake, which I suppose makes everything all right, er, maybe not.  Place your bets now on whom She-Hulk will sleep with next month! 

*This issue sees writer Dan Slott having a bit more fun it appears than he did in the previous two S.H.I.E.L.D. issues.  He disposes of three Hulk villains being taken down by The Hulkbusters (um, why is She-Hulk in a group devoted to taking down her cousin again?) in three panels, whereas one of those panels would have taken up the entirety of an issue in the past couple of issues.  And, he does it all to the tune of Ray Parker Jr.'s (er, maybe Huey Lewis And The News's) "Ghostbusters" song!

*The doublepage spread of She-Hulk fighting a number of Nick Fury Life Model Decoys (robots that function as body doubles for Fury) is one of the most fun panels in Slott's run.  Old Marvel hounds will enjoy identifying all the Nick Fury quotes from over the years that appear in it.

*At this point, Slott was also writing Avengers:  The Initiative, which was also a good series (though not as fun as She-Hulk, of course!).  He was slowly making his way towards the heart of the Marvel universe.  Of course, he didn't forget his roots.  She-Hulk popped up a couple of times in that series as well.

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