Monday, December 2, 2019

Wred Fright On The Perpetual Motion Roadshow Part 2 Of 2

This is another performance from The Perpetual Motion Roadshow in September 2003. This one is from the Cincinnati stop where we were joined by an awesome hip-hop duo called Crack Heist. They were quite funny. It looks like for this stop, I channeled dead professional wrestlers again, which was always improvisational, but if the crowd chose a heel, or badguy wrestler, they were usually sure to be made fun of by the heel, which happens here. I probably also read some from The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus, which was finishing its zine serialization then. I bought that Mexican wrestling mask for $20 at a comic book convention in Pittsburgh. I certainly have had some fun with it.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Wred Fright On The Perpetual Motion Roadshow Part 1 Of 2

The latest videotape that I went through was raw footage from the Perpetual Motion Roadshow that I went on. I have fond memories of that whole tour. It was with Jessie Lynn McMains (then known as Jessica Disobedience) and More Or Les. Even though we did not know one another before the tour, we had a great time together. The Perpetual Motion Roadshow was an idea by Jim Munroe to form a tour circuit for indie authors so that everyone didn't have to start from the beginning every time an indie author wanted to do a book tour. This goaround of the tour attracted some attention from BookTV, a Canadian television network devoted to literary matters, and they had us take a video camera to document the tour for their feature on us. The video is a hoot! We met some strange folks on the journey and had a lot of fun doing so. We also taped some of our performances, and that is what I am sharing here. This performance is from the Ottawa tour stop. I tried to do a different show every night figuring my tourmates would get bored seeing me do the same thing every night. At this stop, I read a bit from The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus and then put on my Mexican wrestling mask to channel a dead professional wrestler to give advice to the audience. At the end, you can hear Jess.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

New Mark Justice Book!

My buddy Mark Justice has a new novel out, and it is very different from his first, which was a cozy mystery.  This one is a hard-boiled Western!  I very much enjoyed reading it and gave him a blurb, which he used on the back cover.  If you like Garth Ennis's work and Deadwood, then this is your kind of story!  I love the tagline:  "They sent him to Hell.  Hell sent him back."  According to Mark, this is the start of a series of pulp Westerns starring Gauge Black.  I look forward to reading the rest!  Oh, and he's not done writing cozy mysteries either!  He is a writer with quite a range!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

"Edna's Employment Agency Theme"

I wrote a theme song for my forthcoming novel. This is it. The novel should be out next year, if not earlier It's a comedy about a staffing firm.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wred Fright - "A Nose Is A Nose Is A Nose"

This is another video courtesy of Jimi Imij. This one comes from a 15 August 2000 show at The Mantis Gallery in Kent, Ohio USA. My buddy Bob had booked a few bands from Milwaukee to play town, so I played an opening set. At the time, I was finishing my dissertation and didn't have time to play in a band, so I did some solo gigs. I wrote this song after reading a Phil Ochs biography. At one point, Ochs got a bit wacky and created an alter ego called John Train who was more of a drunken trainwreck. I like the song, but the subject matter makes me sad. It would have been grand if Ochs had been able to hang in there longer. It would have been interesting to see how he would have responded musically to punk and new wave. My favorite part is the acappella bit at the end, especially the audience joining in with some handclap percussion. I don't play the song much anymore; it's not in the currently 40 or so songs that make up the set. I doubt it will ever find its way back in, but one never knows.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The GoGoBots - "Earful"

This video is from an early show of The GoGoBots. In fact, it is our first show ever, which happened on 13 Oct. 1996 at Verder Hall on the campus of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio USA. Three members of the band were in a precursor to The GoGoBots called The Hot Glue Guns. I don't recall why exactly we changed the band name. We may have found out that there was another band called The Hot Glue Guns, or maybe it was because Micah, our second guitarist, joined the band. In any case, this was the first show with the four of us and under The GoGoBots name. I'm not even exactly sure why Micah joined. We might have just liked him, or he might have been the ticket to getting a practice space. We had a lot of trouble at that time in finding a place to practice. For The Glue Guns, we used to practice in our apartment. Since we lived next to the laundry room, we'd do laundry to cover up the noise. We changed apartments in 1996 though, so that wasn't a possibility anymore. We had some goofy experiences like playing on the back loading dock of the music building at KSU, but obviously with winter coming we needed something inside. Micah was friends with a couple of women who had a practice space, so that might have been his ticket into the band. In any case, we started rocking as a quartet. Mike and I both wrote songs (Micah also contributed one or two during his tenure) and you can hear us finishing up a Mike song at the beginning of the video. Before the next song starts, I was seeing if any of my students were there (I might have been giving extra credit). This lineup lasted only a couple of months, and then Todd left to go play in Songs: Ohia or something. We replaced him with Greg and carried on. There's another VHS tape of The GoGoBots, so expect some more videos down the road. This one is again courtesy of Jimi Imij.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The GoGoBots - "Gumshoe"

I went through another VHS tape. This one was courtesy of Jimi Imij. I found a few gems that I will be sharing over the next few posts. The first is this video of The GoGoBots playing our "home" venue, the Mantis Gallery in Kent. The Mantis was a trip. It was a BYOB performance space run by Sam, an old punk rocker. Sam was a cool guy and definitely was open to new sounds, so we played there quite a bit. This song is from the trio era of The GoGoBots, which was my favorite era. It features the end of the song "Gumshoe", which was one I wrote after reading a few too many hardboiled detective novels. The lighting makes it look like we had cool dramatic lighting, but really The Mantis just had bad lighting (also, the toilet was usually broken).