Monday, April 16, 2018

Nice Article On The Michigan City Zine Fest!

Michele McDannold, the organizer of the Michigan City, Indiana USA Zine Fest forwarded me a nice article about the event.  It is here.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Palookaville 23: Clyde Fans Finally Finishes!

I must have missed this last year when it came out, possible because I had given up hope of it ever happening, but Seth finally finished Clyde Fans.  The long-running serial started in the late 1990s in Palookaville.  The serial started in issue 10 and has concluded in issue 23, which doesn't sound unreasonable until one realizes that 10 was published in 1997 and 23 in 2017.  That's 20 years!

Anyway, another enjoyable issue of Paolokaville, and I am glad that I lived long enough to read the end of the story.  If you want to see what I have written about Palookaville over the years, then you can click here, though I apparently had no comment on issue 22 since there is no post on that one.  I must have liked it though because I read 23.  Will there be a 24 now that Clyde Fans is done?  Maybe not even Seth knows . . .

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Song: "Window Shopping"

This one is about online dating, a very interesting phenomenon in the Internet age. Some people are very serious about finding a mate while others are just window shopping.  Hilarity ensues when the two collide.  I had a lot of fun with the toy piano on the recording.  You can check out the MP3 here.  Really, this stuff is much more fun and cheaper than therapy.  The lyrics are below.  It's the same deal as always.  If you like a song, then feel free to cover it if you're in a band or whatnot.  I love to hear covers of my songs, so please let me know about your version.  If you start making money, then send me a check/we can work out a deal.  Similarly, if you want to use a song for your Youtube video or whatnot, then just let me know.  It's usually fine by me unless it's a commercial product or whatnot (and then it's likely fine as well--I just want my cut).  Find out first though.  Write me at wredfright ATATAT yahoo DOTT com.

He's got a box of expired condoms.
He doesn't know why he hasn't thrown them away yet.
The sight of them depresses him.
He's trying hard to forget.

She's going window shopping.
She's going to find herself a new man.
She's going window shopping.
She's going to swipe right on whomever she can.

She can.

She wants to go on her last first date
They say that love is a wonderful thing.
She should really know by now
That they say a lot of things.

He's going window shopping.
He's going to find himself a new woman.
He's going window shopping.
He's going to swipe right on whomever he can.

He can.

That old man isn't lonely; he's happy.
He's ready to deploy.
He's living on donuts and fear.
Feels like he did when he was a boy.

He's going window shopping.
He's going to find himself a new man.
He's going window shopping.
He's going to swipe right on whomever he can.

She didn't fuck Karen or Laura.
She did not fuck Pauline.
Anita said that she'd go out,
But she's nowhere to be seen.

She's going window shopping.
She's going to find himself a new woman.
She's going window shopping.
She's going to swipe right on whomever she can.

Written April 2018
Recorded April 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

All American Reunions Video With GoGoBots Music

I found this video while going through my old videocassettes. It dates from 2000 or so. The reunion planning company that I worked for hired my buddy Mike Dee to make a video to send to prospective high school classes to let us organize their reunions for them. I ended up doing the voiceover announcing, and somehow Mike and I, or my boss, decided it was a good idea to have our band, The GoGoBots, provide the background music. I'm guessing my boss didn't want to mess around with paying royalties for real music licensing because why otherwise would you let an obscure punk band be the soundtrack for your corporate video? In any case, this was fun to watch. And, no, the company can't plan your reunion. They're out of business now. Just like The GoGoBots.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mariko Tamaki's She-Hulk

One of the subjects that I have posted about over the years that gets the strongest response, oddly enough, is She-Hulk.  That subject was fairly random.  I was shedding my comic book collection and there were a few titles where I was missing an issue or two, and I decided to fill in the holes before I disposed of the rest.  As such, I set them aside until the end of the project.  She-Hulk was one of them.  At that time, I was trying to post daily on here, and I needed material, so it was pretty natural to write about the comics that I was reading and disposing of.  Since then, I have kept tabs on Shulkie and her exploits from time to time.  The last time I checked in, She-Hulk had her first lawyer for a writer, and now, finally, a She-Hulk series got her first woman for a writer (it only took nearly 40 years).

Strangely enough, the writer was Mariko Tamaki, who once stayed at my house while she and some other Canadian writers were promoting an anthology called Girls Who Bite Back on a book tour (marking the second time a Marvel comics writer crashed at my house, as Joe Meno once wrote a Beast story or two).  As usual, She-Hulk seems to be very fortunate in whom she gets as a creative team.  And, as also sadly usual, most comics readers don't care, and the series gets canceled.

Oh, well, Marvel seems to have a fondness for the character, as I do, so they will likely bring her back at some point.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

It's 2018. Can We Finally Take The Stupid Signs With The Governor's and Lieutenant Governor's Names Off The Welocme To Ohio Highway Signs?

A few years back, I complained about Ohio sticking the names of the governor and lieutenant governor on the welcome to Ohio highway signs.  Upon further investigation, I found out that it cost about $25,000 for those signs.  Last time, only The Green Party candidates pledged to do away with that waste of money.  Well, it's 2018, so let's see if we can finally get rid of those signs.  I will be asking the various gubernatorial  campaigns if they will be doing away with this practice.  We'll see what they say!  I will keep you posted.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Michigan City Zine & Small Press Fest

I will be attending the Michigan City, Indiana USA Zine & Small Press Fest in April.  I will be giving a talk about the history of zines, be on a panel about zines, and be reading some of my fiction/poetry.  I also will have some books for sale and free stuff to give away at a table.  It should be fun!  If you are in the area, come on by.  They have some other fun weekend events planned around the event also.