Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yip!: New Bobby Conn Album

American music has been pretty bland lately.  At first, I thought it was just grumpyoldmanism striking, but I've conferred with a few others, so it's not just myself who feels this way (if it is a delusion or mistaken assessment, then at least I'm not alone in thinking it; erroneous thinking is always more comforting in groups--think of  cults/religions or political parties).  In a lot of ways, it's 1975 again, a very boring period in rock and roll.  Fortunately, if it is 1975-like, maybe a grand explosion of punk/new wave is just around the corner.  If not, then at least we can content ourselves with a few bright spots, such as Bobby Conn, who has just released a new album, Macaroni.  So far, "Govt" is my favorite, but that could change.  Conn is a good songwriter, so he gives lots of options.