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Fast Guy Slows Down by Wred Fright is available as an ebook directly from Wred Fright:

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It is also available via Google Play/Books, SmashWords, Amazon, and probably wherever else ebooks are sold.  A print on demand edition is available on Amazon (though the cheapest way to read a print copy remains ordering the pdf and then just printing it out at the public library or whatnot).
Superman was first published in 1938, so how come he still looks to be about 25 years old in the stories set in 2022?  Ditto for all the other superheroes from The Golden Age Of Comics still being published today.  Why isn't Captain America collecting Social Security?  Why isn't The Flash using a walker to get around? Why isn't The Human Torch complaining about his hip replacement?  Why isn't Wonder Woman deciding what Medicare plan she wants?  Why isn't Batman retired?  Why isn't Plastic Man stretching his dollars to afford his nursing home bills?  Why isn't The Green Lantern The Green Flashlight by now?  Er, never mind about that last question.  But the answer to the other ones is money.  As long as the corporate comics companies can milk money out of them, these characters will be kept forever young, aside from the occasional "imaginary story" or whatnot.  But in stunting their growth, only half the story gets told.  What does happen when a superhero ages with the times and eventually becomes elderly?  What's so super about getting old?  Well, it probably beats being dead.  Just ask Bucky.  Er, never mind.  Anyway, leave it to one of America's worstselling authors who hasn't given up yet to venture in and tell the rest of the superhero story.  In the case of Harry Fox, the superhero known as Fast Guy, he finds he can't outrace time or death.  His worst foe though is an existential crisis brought on by saving the world numerous times only to have it result in a shallow, selfish place populated mainly by morons and jerks, and sometimes even moronic jerks and jerky morons.  Living alone in his old ranch house in a town filled with new McMansions, he is wondering what to do with himself and worrying about what will happen to the world when he is gone.  And the reader is left wondering if Harry is really a superhero.  Although he claims he's saved the world more times than he can remember from nuclear annihilation, he delights in pooping on world leaders, which sounds more like a supervillain, or, at the very least, a person with issues than it does a superhero.  Or maybe he's just a lonely old man with a very active imagination.  In a world less than super, can a senior citizen still be a hero?  Find out in Fast Guy Slows Down!

Fast Guy Slows Down is the fifth published novel by Wred Fright. The other four are The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus, Blog Love Omega Glee, Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead, and Edna's Employment Agency. More info about the author and his work is available at WredFright.Com.  
Praise for Fright's previous novel, Edna's Employment Agency:

"The kooky cast of Edna’s Employment Agency will almost make you wish you were out of a job just so you could have them find one for you." - Mark Justice, author of Gauge Black: Hell's Revenge

"The book is short, humane, gentle, absurd, and should put a smile on your face." - Steven B. Smith, author of Stations Of The Lost & Found

"[Edna's Employment Agency] is worth some attention. You could classify it as a sort of post-industrial novel. Which is something fitting for America’s post-industrial age. It doesn’t have what you’re supposed to expect in a book, and for us GG Allin fans this is cool because like he said, 'with GG you don’t get what you expect, you get what you get'. . . . Which I find refreshing because every book you read about it says every story must have structure, a three part structure, or a five part structure embedded in a three part structure, a seven part structure embedded in a five part structure embedded in a three part structure.  The inciting incident is Godot not arriving, the midpoint is Pozzo and Lucky arriving instead of Godot, and the climax is that Godot is probably never going to arrive.  These are just the lowly middleclass of America slowly sinking into the smoking drugs on the sidewalk class." - James Nowlan, author of Shock And Awe.

"I was told (and not necessarily by Wred) that the book is 'laugh-out-loud funny' and, because I'm a bitter, cynical fuck, I didn't believe it.  I should never have doubted him.  Wred had me laughing out loud by page 3. . . . I think you'll like it too, assuming you like to laugh and you don't mind some foul-mouthed dialog.  Check this book out.  You'll be glad you did." - Joe Smith in Alternative Incite #2
Here are what the critics are saying about the book:
You can read an excerpt at New Pop Lit or here:

Fast Guy Slows Down Excerpt by Wred Fright on Scribd

Word Count: 77,866
If you are press, a high resolution image of the cover is here and one of the author is here.

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