Friday, October 19, 2012

She-Hulk 20: A Visit To Duckworld

This issue sees more manic wrapup of plotlines as writer Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk concludes.  The issue is still fun to read, but it would have been nice to have seen these stories fully fleshed out.  Here are some more random thoughts on this issue:

*We are treated to a quick visit to Duckworld, homeland of Howard The Duck, which makes for a great cover.

*Even with all the wrapping up of plotlines, some still get unaddressed.  For example, we never learn what happened to She-Hulk's boss, Holliway, who is presumably still wandering around looking for his niece.  We do find the niece, however.  Meanwhile, Slott, or co-writer Ty Templeton, are still introducing new subplots, none of which will likely ever get followed up on.  Thanks, guys!

*Man-Thing gueststars, as does She-Hulk's former boyfriend Richard Rory.  It's always a nice treat to see characters such as them.  Some of the Marvel characters can't really star in their own titles.  Man-Thing's a prime example.  Unless you're Alan Moore, what can a writer do with a bit of swamp muck wandering around in a swamp?  Not much.  Slott uses these bit characters well though; they're better as supporting characters.

*The letters page has disappeared for several issues now, along with Pip The Troll.  That's too bad, as it was a funny gag.  Either no one wrote in or they couldn't spare the page.  I do miss the letters page in comics.  Not many are left.  And, speaking, er, blogging of not many, not many She-Hulk posts are left.  Only one.  Tomorrow.

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