Saturday, October 20, 2012

She-Hulk 21: Dan Slott And I Say Goodbye To She-Hulk

This is the last of my She-Hulk posts, as it's the last of the She-Hulk comics I own.  Here are some thoughts on it:

*I really like the cover as Jennifer Walters gives her alter ego a good talking to.  This scene does actually occur in the comics, so this isn't a thematic cover.  This issue sees Slott wrapping up a bunch of plotlines as he clears the stage for new writer Peter David, who gets namechecked this issue as well.

*I tried the first Peter David issue and thought it was all right, but I didn't carry on reading his run.  Even though David was probably a bigger name in comics than Slott was at the time, he would have a tough time improving on what Slott did with his run.  Apparently, other readers thought similarly, as the series folded about a year later, having dropped about ten thousand copies per month from Slott's last issue.

*I'd love to see a new She-Hulk series.  Maybe there is someone out there who could top Slott.  Every time she gets an ongoing series, She-Hulk gets improved upon.  She hasn't had a series this decade.  Maybe with Marvel's rebooting, called Marvel NOW!, there will be room for a new She-Hulk title.

*Slott and co-writer Ty Templeton have fun explaining all the continuity errors in the Marvel universe with a story showing how people from an alternate Earth were coming to the Marvel universe and impersonating their counterparts.

*She-Hulk sings Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" once again, bringing the series full circle to Slott's first issue.  The finale is satisfying, but seeing all the plotlines, such as Pug being a servant of Morgan le Fay, that will never get to be followed up on, is bittersweet.  Slott, however, had to go since he was drafted as one of the writers on Amazing Spider-Man.  One can't blame the guy for wanting a bigger paycheck.

*And, I have to go as well.  Tomorrow, we head across the comics universe from superheroes to the alternative/indie crowd.  Next stop:  Palookaville!  It's the last stop too.  It's the last bit of my comics collection that headed out the door in the last decade.      


  1. She Hulk in the new "FF"


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