Sunday, October 28, 2012

Palookaville 8: More Time Passes For Seth To Get Nostalgic About

In this issue, the quest for Kalo the cartoonist picks up again after a two year pause.  Here are some random thoughts on this comic:

*The issue opens with a beautiful sequence of seasonal scenes, which allows cartoonist Seth to say "time passes" without using a single word. 

*Cartoonist Chester Brown appears again (at this point, he's the second most significant character in the series), and cartoonists Marc Bell and David Collier pop up in the letters page.  Another letter on the page seems to complain about the lack of penis in the last few issues ("I can see why a lot of people write and say that it's boring--because your writing does meander and not once have we seen you masturbate").  Personally, I'm fine with not seeing Seth's penis every issue.

*Seth's brother wears a t-shirt with 1% on it.  I have no idea what it means, but someone reading the story today who isn't aware of when it was published might think it was an Occupy Wall Street reference (probably a satirical one).  Signs and symbols might not change, but their meaning is always on the move.

*"Who's" appears instead of "whose".  Maybe Marvel and the larger comic companies aren't entirely crazy to have some editors.  Even literate, sophisticated cartoonists such as Seth need some proofreading help.  Everyone does.  I just can't afford any, so, alas, poor reader, you might have to suffer the occasional typo.

*The fake Kalo cartoon on the back cover appears on a page featuring two other cartoons.  I suspect that Seth might have pasted the Kalo cartoon onto a vintage magazine page.  If he's faking three vintage gag cartoonists' styles, that's overkill.

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