Sunday, October 7, 2012

She-Hulk 7: Starfox Gets Kicked In The Nuts

This issue concludes the Starfox storyline, and it does indeed more or less conclude with She-Hulk hitting him below the belt.  It's another great Dan Slott comic.  Here are some other random thoughts on it:

*The story title is clever:  "Beaus And Eros".  If you don't get it, then say it aloud and know that Starfox's real name is Eros (no wonder he's a player, eh?).

*Artist Will Conrad mostly does a nice job but some of the characters such as Pug don't resemble what they used to look like much.  One nice thing about drawing She-Hulk is that as long as the colorist remembers to tint her green she's recognizable.

*Starfox certainly looks like a date rapist here, but fortunately for fans of the character a followup story will find him innocent (though after this story it's hard to ever view him with the innocence of the 1980s; his charisma powers certainly aren't as charming anymore).

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