Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She-Hulk 11: A Lover's Quarrel Is Very Different When One Is A Werewolf And The Other A Hulk

She-Hulk and her new hubbie Man-Wolf get in a fight, you know like newlyweds often do, except newlyweds don't usually have super-powers and pals such as The Two-Gun Kid with silver bullets, so it's another fun issue from writer Dan Slott and crew.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*The cover is a parody of the iconic, and as a result often parodied, Grant Wood painting American Gothic.  What would Wood wonder with werewolf wrung within work?

*Sorry for the alliteration above.  I got a little carried away, albeit an admirable and avid aside.

*Marriage is hard work, even for those with superpowers.  Still, She-Hulk's a lawyer, so she should be able to draft a separation agreement easily enough if things don't work out.

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