Friday, October 5, 2012

She-Hulk 5: Welcome To The Twenty-First Century, Cowpoke!

This issue concerns Two-Gun Kid's adaptation to the 21st century.  Brought back from the timecops' pokey by She-Hulk, the Western hero lassos (lassoes?  Any cowboys out there know the standard spelling for the third person singular of lasso?) a place for himself at She-Hulk's law firm.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*I really like the cover.  Not only is it visually striking, but Greg Horn's attention to detail also makes it charming.  Check out the horse's grin, Two-Gun Kid's bemusement, and She-Hulk's crush of the railing or horsepost or whatever the wooden thing is (you can tell I don't ride horses, eh?).

*This is another very funny issue by writer Dan Slott.  Unfortunately, it's also the last issue by artist Juan Bobillo and the series would never again have an artist so well-suited for it.  Though he appears to be busy with advertising work and fine arts exhibits currently, Bobillo doing more comics would be welcomed by me. 

*Slott opens up another love triangle, this time between Awesome Andy, Two-Gun Kid, and uptight lawyer Mallory Book.  He mines much comedy from Two-Gun's time displacement (my favorite is the time traveler support group), but it's hard to top having Two-Gun blunder accidentally into a love triangle involving a big gray android (Ok, maybe a big gay gray android might top it).

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