Saturday, October 27, 2012

Palookaville 7: You Can't Go Home Again

In this issue, on his quest for the cartoonist Kalo, Seth visits a town he used to live in.  Here are some random thoughts on this comic:

*The letters page includes letters from cartoonists Scott McCloud, Gary Panter, David Collier, and S.A. King.

*Seth walks down Memory Lane as he wanders around the town.  He also meets a crazy artist called Annie, and her artwork is featured on the back cover.  Given that Seth made up Kalo, I wonder if Annie is another hoax.

*Sometimes there isn't much to say about these issues.  They're enjoyable to read though.  Seth is an engaging storyteller, though he pretty much doesn't concern himself with plots, so not all readers will find his work interesting.

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