Monday, October 15, 2012

She-Hulk 16: Remember The Incredible Hulk 181 With Wolverine And Wendigo? Wouldn't It Have Been Cooler If It Had Been She-Hulk Instead Of The Hulk? Um, No.

In this issue She-Hulk and Wolverine fight Wendigo (or The Wendigo, I wouldn't want to offend a large furry creature with sharp claws by messing up its name).  It's basically a slugfest and none too interesting.  Writer Dan Slott appears to be in a slump as his She-Hulk run begins to wrap up (only five issues remain after this one, making it the first part of the typical six part story arc of modern comics storytelling).  Here are some other random thoughts about this issue:

*There are more three and four panel pages in this issue.  One could be charitable and describe it as widescreen action, but I suspect it's a bored writer trying to fill up the pages as painlessly as possible.

*Characters from the previous law firm storyline pop up in a subplot.  It's the best part of the issue.  I'm glad Slott snuck that in.  The panel count goes up on these pages as well, showing that here Slott has a lot to say.

*She-Hulk wants to fool around with Wolverine, but he turns her down because he heard that she slept with The Juggernaut, an X-Men baddie.  He may also turn her down because she wears a bikini during a snowstorm.  Plus she's still a married woman, though that dangling plot thread gets left alone in this issue.  In many ways, She-Hulk gets portrayed as a typical male action hero except she has a vagina.  If Marvel ever gives her another series, they should select a female writer.  I bet She-Hulk would be portrayed a bit differently.

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