Thursday, October 4, 2012

She-Hulk 4: Green Guilt

This issue explains what Shulkie was doing between the two Dan Slott series.  She apparently was cleaning up after herself.  Though Slott was taking She-Hulk to new heights with his stories, other Marvel writers were using her as a plot device to do dumb stuff such as killing The Vision or wrecking a small town in a Hulk Smash mindless rampage (no PMS jokes please).  In this issue, a guilty Jen Walters helps clean up a small town in Idaho that She-Hulk wrecked when another writer made her go nuts.  It's an all right issue, but does "fill" like a fill-in, perhaps due to the absence of artist Juan Bobillo.  Here are some random thoughts on the issue:

*Following last issue's tribute to Iron Man 100, this cover appears inspired by the cover of Secret Wars 4, which features The Hulk holding up tons of rock to save his fellow superheroes.  Then again, maybe it's a coincidence that both are issues 4 with Hulks holding up tons of rock.  Or, perhaps it's a fromage.

*The letters page jokes that last issue's letters page featured readers showing off their She-Hulk tattoos.  There is no letters page in the previous issue.  With the popularity of tattoos today (bleccchhhh!), someone out there probably does have The She-Hulk on their belly or something though.

*Dan Slott clearly has fun playing in the Marvel toybox.  This issue he breaks out an old Western hero, The Two-Gun Kid, and adds him to the comic's cast.  Like She-Hulk, he's a lawyer, so, no, he's not into the whole frontier justice thing, well, except when he's the one shooting someone vigilantestyle.

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  1. I immediately thought of that Secret Wars #4 cover as well.


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