Saturday, October 6, 2012

She-Hulk 6: Starfox Romances The Stars, The Black Holes, And Whatever Else You Got

This issue starts a new case of legal hijinks involving the superhero Starfox being accused of date rape.  Of course, this being She-Hulk, it's a comedy, and, despite the more serious overtones, another fun issue.  Here are some random thoughts on it:

*This was the first Dan Slott She-Hulk I bought, and I was quite impressed, so I picked up more.  I probably would have continued to buy it on an ongoing basis, but issue 8 was a Civil War tie-in and sold out before I could get a copy (in fact, I never did get a copy of it), so after that I just bought an issue once in a while.

*I bought the issue because I liked Starfox and hadn't seen him in a comic for some time.  I enjoyed The Avengers run by Roger Stern, and Starfox was a big part of that.  It doesn't appear that Marvel used the character much since then, making him ripe for a Slott revival/revisioning.  Slott's definitely right though that Starfox's ability to make people agreeable and happy could make him suspect, and Slott uses that ability to make another complication for the two love triangles in the series, as well as for a lot of suspense and comedy.

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