Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 32: The Mole Man Has A Crush on You

In the previous issue's cliffhanger, She-Hulk had fallen into a giant hole while fighting Spragg The Living Hill.  I'm surprised that writer/artist John Byrne didn't just have the entire issue being She-Hulk falling, but as She-Hulk put it "Darned continued stories.  Feels like I've been falling for a month!" so he has mercy on her, and she splashes down in a couple of pages into an underwater portion of The Mole Man's lair.  The Mole Man is an old Fantastic Four foe, and, despite his name, he usually isn't played for laughs so he doesn't fit the usual She-Hulk silly villain pattern.  Fortunately, Spragg shows up again, and you haven't seen silly until you've met an angry rock.

Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*When Byrne returned, he immediately restored his art to the corner logo.  This issue he replaces it with a new airbrushed shot of She-Hulk in a red gown.  Green and red, she knows how to color coordinate, or maybe she just really likes Christmas. Byrne apparently liked the splash page banner copy added during the Steve Gerber issues since he kept it:  "A blood transfusion from her cousin, The Incredible Hulk, transformed petite Jennifer Walters, attorney-at-law, into an emerald Amazon!  Now she battles for truth, justice, and her clients' personal injury claims!"  Or he had no choice and had to keep it.  I think it's clever at least.

*The pun on the cover is fun, as is the story title, which references a 1970s horror film:  "The Hills Have Eyes, And Mouths And Ears (And Maybe Noses . . .)"

*This issue is mainly a setup for the wedding issue next issue, but it is still quite fun.  Next issue:  The She-Hulk marries The Mole Man!

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