Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 44: Asparagus People!

The story in this issue is better than in the last few issues, but that's mainly because creator John Byrne recaps classic Marvel stories such as Dark Phoenix and The Avengers' discovery of Captain America.  Once, the story returns to She-Hulk, it's just a ho-hum interplanetary rescue of Razorback and his girlfriend.  On the bright side, Rocket Raccoon shows up.  On the dim side, he's petrified into stone.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*A Marvel alien race, the Asparagus People  or D'Bari (they look like asparagus) return, well, sort of.  Though I do half wonder what their urine smells like, let's be thankful this wasn't a scratch and sniff issue (the comics industry of the 1990s loved gimmicks).

*She-Hulk meets some Skrulls, another Marvel alien race.  Since they both have green skin, She-Hulk and The Skrulls complain about how difficult it is for other people to tell when they're seasick.  No, that doesn't happen.  Not much of anything fun happens in this issue, which is shocking since it has She-Hulk, Razorback, and Rocket Raccoon in it.  Byrne must have been really burned out at this point.  I'm not even sure why he bothers to include Rocket Raccoon.  He really doesn't do anything with him even in subsequent issues.

*The last few Byrne issues have been pretty bad.  It probably would have been better for him to have left the title a few issues earlier so his run wouldn't be so tarnished.  Let's hope he can pull it together in the next few issues.  Otherwise, these are going to be some dreadful posts.  Normally, when I would hit a bad spot while rereading my collection, I'd just skip ahead, but I'm near the end of this project, Byrne's run is almost done anyway (50 was his last issue), and Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk is ahead and it's even better than the highlights of Byrne's run, so I'll stubbornly plow on one issue at a time.  Hey, at least bad Sensational She-Hulk is still better than Savage She-Hulk.

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