Monday, September 24, 2012

She-Hulk 6: Awesome Andy Is Indeed Quite Awesome

This issue finishes the story started last month concerning the miniature supervillains' prison break.  It's the payoff for last issue's setup, and it does indeed pay off for the reader, making for a fun story.  Here are some other random thoughts on this issue:

*She-Hulk is smashing her logo on the cover.  Apparently, she was upset at her low sales.  Fortunately, the book was getting noticed by the critics.  Wizard Magazine had named it book of the month.  Though Wizard often had a bad reputation for their encouragement of spectator excesses, the magazine's writers often did champion underappreciated but well-done comics as well.

*The best part of the story concerns The Mad Thinker's android, now called Awesome Andy and working at She-Hulk's law firm.  A big gray bulky fellow with a stone block for a head and forced to communicate with some sort of chalkboard thingy hung around his neck, A.A. has quite a personality, and he shines here as he is forced to decide whether or not he wants to rejoin his creator in a life of crime or keep working at the law firm. 

*Actor/musician Jack Black makes a cameo on the first page.

*Writer Dan Slott has fun with the longtime conceit of the Marvel Universe that Marvel Comics publishes officially licensed adventures of the Marvel heroes.  Apparently, they're admissible in court too!  I doubt that works in our universe, but next time you get in trouble with the law maybe you can give the police a copy of one of the Spider-Man comics with the clone storyline and claim your clone did it instead!

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