Sunday, September 23, 2012

She-Hulk 5: Dan Slott Writes A Longer Story

After demonstrating that he could write great single issue stories, writer Dan Slott stretches out a bit in this issue with the first part of a two issue story involving a very unique prison break.  In the Marvel continuity of the time, supervillains were being shrunk down and held in a miniature prison.  This story concerns how some of those villains devise a way to use She-Hulk to break out.  It's clever stuff even if it doesn't have the snap of the previous single issue stories, though perhaps that lost snap is explained by the absence of regular artist Juan Bobillo.  Here are some other random thoughts on this issue:

*What is She-Hulk smashing on the cover?  Concrete?  A gallon of milk?  Whatever it is, she doesn't like it.  I like her weightlifter gloves though.

*This issue has a cameo from The New Warriors.  As a writer, Slott clearly delights in playing with all the toys in the Marvel toybox.

*There's an ad for a Justice League cartoon movie inside.  Apparently, Time-Warner, owner of DC Comics, was so desperate that they actually advertise their products in comics by their major competitor, Marvel.  Actually, this probably isn't a bad idea (someone reading She-Hulk probably likes Superman and the gang as well), but it's still a bit weird.

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