Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 47: She-Hulk Meets The Thunderbirds!

This issue is a fill-in issue while creator John Byrne recharges his batteries.  It must have been commissioned earlier since it ties in with a lot of the Steve Gerber stories (The Phantom Blonde, The Critic, and so forth).  It was written by Simon Furman, a British writer, and concerns She-Hulk meeting puppets who bear a remarkable similarity to those from the British tv show The Thunderbirds (here they're called The Thunderhawks).  It's not bad, but nothing great.  It was refreshing to read something actually coherent after Byrne's last issue though.  That's about as much as can be said about it.  Obviously, I thought it was a Byrne issue when I bought it or I would have skipped it (upon rereading some of the Byrne issues, I wish I would have skipped a few of them as well).  I have no random thoughts on this issue other than if you're collecting the Byrne She-Hulk comics, then you can skip this one.  I do kind of miss fill-in issues (sometimes they were actually good), but today comics publishers usually delay the next issue when the creators can't make the deadline; back in 1992, comics were still enough of a newsstand business that one couldn't miss a deadline (which makes this issue odd since She-Hulk was a direct only title--sold only in comics shops and not returnable--at this point; perhaps the editor had this issue lying around and wanted to finally use it).

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