Thursday, September 27, 2012

She-Hulk 9: Green Biceps

This issue is another bit of fun.  The story concerns She-Hulk learning to deal with her newly-increased strength and with a supervillain suing Hercules for beating him up during a crime.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*She-Hulk emulates her cousin and begins leaping across town.  One interesting aspect of The Hulk and She-Hulk is that whereas women are stereotypically viewed as overly emotional, it's the male Hulk who can't control his emotions in most stories whereas She-Hulk is not only rational, but she also has a lawyer's mind trained for analytical logic.

*Though the first Dan Slott She-Hulk story portrayed her as a player (a male model dumped her because she was shallow), She-Hulk picks up a regular boyfriend in John Jameson, The Man-Wolf (hey, when you have green skin, you won't complain that your boyfriend turns furry once a month).  A fellow lawyer at She-Hulk's firm, Pug, has a crush on her though, setting up a love triangle.

*DC keeps advertising in She-Hulk.  This month, it's Superman and Batman underoos.  I hope they're in adult sizes because I doubt many young boys were reading She-Hulk in 2005 (maybe they were aiming at the parents buying the children underwear).  By the way, when I was in Los Angeles recently, I met the leaf in the Fruit Of The Loom commercials.  His name is Gene, and he is from Iowa.  He's a nice guy and a good comedian.  Check him out at The Hollywood Hotel or wherever he's performing now if you get a chance.

*The Fantastic Four gueststar, and writer Dan Slott makes fun of how many times Mr. Fantastic has told The Thing that he can never turn back into plain old Ben Grimm and been proven wrong.  Marvel must have liked how he handled the characters because, a few months later, Slott would write a Thing solo series.

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