Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 41: She-Hulk Fights Rocks

It took about three minutes to read this comic, five if you count the letter page.  A lot of the pages have three panels on them (eight, in fact; some have even less).  Admittedly, it's a story set in outer space and larger panels make for a more cosmic feel, but the story (She-Hulk fights rocks) is so lightweight that it likely would have been over in ten pages with six-panel pages (and Alan Moore could probably have done it in five pages with the Watchmen nine panel grid).  As it is, creator John Byrne has to pad out the issue with a final page about the editor calling him up to complain that the story is a page short (at least that page has seven panels on it).  I have no random thoughts on this issue.  I must have bought the Byrne She-Hulk issues in a bunch after I liked the first couple.  If they were all like this, then I would have saved my money.  I hope Byrne's later issues have more thought put into them.  He's proven time and again that he's capable of much better work than this.  Apparently, his other series, Next Men, had priority at this time.

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