Friday, September 28, 2012

She-Hulk 10: Titania Takes Over!

In this issue, She-Hulk's archfoe Titania takes the spotlight as writer Dan Slott fleshes out her origin from Secret Wars to more fully humanize her and make her more than another strong woman for She-Hulk to fight.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*The covers have been used in the last few issues to tell little stories of their own.  7-8 featured She-Hulk headed to court while encountering such other Marvel characters as Howard The Duck (Howard did appear inside 9 threatening George Lucas with a lawsuit for stalling Howard's career with the poorly-received movie from 1986).  For 9-10, a cover of She-Hulk flexing her newly-increased strength for 9 is defaced and torn open by Titania on 10.

*On another cover note, aren't those UPC codes on the covers awful?  I like it much better when they are jettisoned to the back cover.  At least in The Sensational She-Hulk series, the codes were only used on newsstand copies and other art appeared in the white space on direct sale copies (i.e., comics sold in comic shops).  Best of all though are older comics with no UPC space at all, just a complete cover.

*This is another great issue.  It's reminiscent of The Invisibles 12 (the first volume) wherein writer Grant Morrison tells the life story of a henchman mowed down by one of the "heroes" of the story and gets the reader to sympathize with the "villain" (and a very minor villain at that--the guy is basically cannon fodder).  Titania is a bit more significant in the She-Hulk saga, but still she's had to wait twenty years to have a decent origin telling.  She's still a villain, but, after learning of Titania's bullied upbringing, the reader can understand why she goes powermad with her strength and has such a hatred for She-Hulk.

*The issue isn't entirely devoted to characterization.  It sets up a rematch for Titania in the next issue (in 9, She-Hulk took care of her with one punch; now Titania has a counter for She-Hulk's increased power).


  1. Quite enjoying these reviews, I had long wondered how this series was, and if I should pick it up. Thanks you.


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