Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 40: The She-Hulk Jumps Rope As John Byrne Runs Out Of Ideas

This issue is a bit of a rehash of previous storylines.  I suppose today it would be called a mashup.  For this mashup, creator John Byrne takes the outer space U.S. 1 story and mixes it with the Spragg, The Living Hill! story.  The result isn't particularly amusing.  It really does seem that Byrne was phoning it in at this point.  Here are some random thoughts on this issue;

*"Shulk" never caught on, but "Shulkie" seems to have as a nickname for She-Hulk.

*The cover and the first few pages are She-Hulk jumping rope in the nude, a joke made on the letters page a few issues earlier.  Byrne seems desperate to raise sales.  She-Hulk and the Comics Code balk though, so she ends up wearing a white bikini (she never appears nude since speed lines from the rope cover her naughty bits).  Byrne actually wastes four pages this way.  They're all one panel.  That's right, all splash pages.  Perhaps this was a parody of the ridiculous Image Comics stories of the time with the one-panel pages, but it's likely Byrne was just padding out the issue.  To cap off the one-panel pages, many of the other pages have three or four panels per page.  Honestly, this story could have been told in half the pages if it had to be told at all.  This is Byrne's worst issue on the title, beating out the Santa Claus hits on She-Hulk issue.  A monthly title is a grind though, so he can be forgiven the occasional off issue, but I don't remember the subsequent issues well, a sign that they might not be much better.

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