Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She-Hulk 7: Boxing Across The Universe

Writer Dan Slott starts another two-part story here.  This one takes place literally across the Marvel universe as She-Hulk gets drafted to work for The Living Tribunal judging cosmic court cases.  The result is a hoot!  Here are some other random thoughts on the issue:

*The cover scene with She-Hulk heading to court doesn't really appear in the issue but it works well thematically.  I'm not quite sure why she's wearing glasses, but maybe she had to change quickly from Jen Walters.  Longtime She-Hulk fans will enjoy seeing Razorback in the lower left corner.  Unfortunately, he doesn't appear in the issue.

*Gueststars in this issue include Beta Ray Bill, Adam Warlock, Pip The Troll, The Watcher, and Gladiator.  Most are facing off against The Champion in a boxing match to save the life of a planet.  Slott obviously read a lot of comics while growing up.

*A Teen Titans DVD ad runs inside. Once again, Time-Warner makes some strange advertising buys.  Not many companies would pay money to their major competitor.

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