Saturday, September 22, 2012

She-Hulk 4: A Marvel Team-Up With Spider-Man!

This issue was great fun!  She-Hulk helps Spider-Man sue J. Jonah Jameson for libel.  It's little wonder that writer Dan Slott would go on to write Spider-Man on a regular basis as he has a good feel for the character.  Here are some other random thoughts on this issue:

*She-Hulk has settled down to a regular costume, but it's a swimsuit type deal that probably always gives her a wedgie when she lifts something.  Pity the poor heroines!  They always end up with the worst costumes usually for sexist reasons.  Previous She-Hulk writer John Byrne would always argue that Namor The Sub-Mariner walked around in a tiny swimsuit so all superhero costumes were ridiculous and She-Hulk being underclad wasn't due to sexism.  However, just compare the amount of skin the average heroine displays (say, Wonder Woman) with the amount of skin the average hero displays (say, Superman), and you'll find more cheesecake than beefcake on display.

*She-Hulk was only selling about 25,000 copies a month, but in 2004 that was considered enough of a success that she would get another ongoing series after the first 12 issues of the 2004 series (Marvel apparently hoped the reboot would increase sales).  Her previous series had folded in 1994 and it had been selling twice the amount of the 2004 series likely, a sign of how much the comics industry had changed in a decade.

*Slott excels at single issue stories, somewhat of a lost art in comics today.  This one was his best She-Hulk yet.  Funny stuff!

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