Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She-Hulk 8: And New Champion Of The Universe . . . !

This issue finishes the cosmic storyline from the previous issue.  She-Hulk uses her brain to overcome The Champion (as well as beating the snot out of him with her brawn).  It's another fun issue.  Here are some random thoughts on the issue:

*The comic has another great cover, presumably continuing the scene from the previous cover.  Now She-Hulk is in the courthouse and taking the elevator to the eighth floor (it is issue eight after all).  Her old buddy Howard The Duck is in the bottom right corner while She-Hulk's fellow legal superhero Daredevil is in his Matt Murdock alter ego behind Howard.  Unfortunately, neither gueststar in this issue.  However, The Silver Surfer does; he doesn't do much though (he, like the gueststars from last issue, got beaten up by The Champion).

*The Champion at first refuses to fight She-Hulk since she's a female, so their eventual showdown also becomes thematically a battle of the sexes.  Like the famous 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobbie Riggs, the woman wins.

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