Friday, August 31, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 31: The Real Issue 9?

Somehow writer/artist John Byrne was convinced to return to She-Hulk.  He immediately picks up where he left off with She-Hulk waking up from a weird dream (presumably issues 9-30).  The metafictional approach to storytelling is back, and the comic is even better than the last couple of Byrne issues.  The silly villain this time is Spragg The Living Hill, one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's pre-superhero Marvel monsters.  Basically, it's a hill with eyes and a mouth.  It's hard to look at without laughing.  However, how would you like to fight a hill?  Not so funny now, huh, tough guy?

Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*Renee Witterstaetter has no assistant editor.  I've always wondered why Marvel had so many editors in the first place.  And why did they need assistants?  How hard is it to hire people to draw a comic book and make sure the letterer, who one has to hire as well, doesn't mix up "it's" and "its"?

*Byrne keeps She-Hulk's flying car, which she received from Al The Alien and U.S. during her outer space adventure.  It's sort of a jauntier version of Wonder Woman's invisible plane.  Like She-Hulk herself, the car is green.

*Byrne kills off a Milli Vanilli knockoff called Milo Vinyl.  Byrne just made the two lip syncers one person and white and then dead.  Byrne is a vicious music critic.

*With the metafiction back in the story, it disappears from the letters page, which is now answered by the editor (or Byrne pretending to be the editor, which apparently happened a lot when he worked on corporate comics).

*I have all the Byrne She-Hulks.  When I was getting ready to reread the series, I realized I missed one.  It took a while to track it down (which is why this is the next to last series in my collection), but my buddy Bob helped me out and found it for me.  Once my collection was complete, I realized nirvana.  For five minutes.  Then I felt the pang of desire again.  I got hungry.

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