Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 23: The Phantom Blonde!

23 is the last Steve Gerber issue that I have, and it's apparently also the last issue Gerber wrote.  The end of his run is much stronger than the beginning.  Unfortunately, co-writer Buzz Dixon may be the reason why.  This issue sees the wrapup of the Las Vegas storyline and the debut of a new Blonde Phantom, Weezi's daughter, who calls herself The Phantom Blonde.  The Phantom Blonde wouldn't go on to become a breakout comic character, but she fits in well with the zaniness of the She-Hulk series.

Here are some random thoughts on this issue:

*The Bullpen Bulletins, a Marvel hypepage, notes that two former creators associated with She-Hulk, Stan Lee and John Byrne, were working together on a series called Marvel World Of Tomorrow.  It never quite came together, but bits of it developed into the Marvel 2099 titles, a look at the future of the Marvel universe, and Byrne's 2112 and Next Men creator-owned sci-fi series.

*The Abominatrix punches She-Hulk through Vegas Vic, the famous neon cowboy sign of Las Vegas.  Gerber seems to delight in destroying his town.

*The Byrne corner picture gets replaced.  Ironic then that Byrne would be returning in a few issues when new editor Renee Witterstaetter invited him back.  We don't have to wait so long though as Byrne's return is the next issue I have.

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