Sunday, August 5, 2012

YIP!: Rhapsody

Obviously, I like music.  Therefore, I really like a service that lets me listen to pretty much anything I want for only $5 a month, and that's Rhapsody.  I never liked the whole peer to peer piracy phenomenon because I could connect the dots ("But if bands don't make money, then how can they afford to stay together?" "No, man, it's cool, dude; music wants to be free!").  With such low prices, Rhapsody obviously isn't paying much, but at least they're legal and paying record companies and artists something.  Not everything's on there, of course.  Stuff that's out of print isn't, and some bands such as AC/DC have done the math and figured that they're better off just selling cds the old-fashioned way.  So I still buy records.  But a lot of stuff I only listen to once or twice just to see if I really like it, so Rhapsody is ideal for that.  In general, I like most music, but I only really like a bit of music a lot (this year, only Bobby Conn's "Govt" has done it for me).  So hooray for Rhapsody, which helps me find those rare nuggets!  

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