Thursday, August 9, 2012

Los Angeles Professional Wrestling Is Delightfully Weird

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, California USA, I stumbled across postcards promoting upcoming professional wrestling events.  Now "normal" professional wrestling is strange enough, but what they have going on in L.A. appears to be even weirder.  The first event is tonight.  It's called Lucha VaVoom and features Mexican wrestling, strippers, comedians, drag queens, midgets, and the guy who does the voice of  SpongeBob SquarePants.

I imagine that will be quite a show.

Unfortunately, I wasn't staying in town long enough to see it.  I'll miss the other show as well.  It's called Comic Book Vixens and will feature women wrestlers dressed as DC and Marvel characters facing off in the old squared circle.  According to the postcard, Catwoman will wrestle The Punisher (I was unaware that The Punisher was female, but who am I to argue with "LA's Only All-Girl Wrestling And Burlesque Show"), as well as Rogue vs. PowerGirl, Joker vs. Venom, and Zatanna vs. She-Hulk.

I'm sure the kind of comic book fans who like to debate about whether Superman is stronger than The Hulk will be in attendance.

If Jake from Blog Love Omega Glee were in L.A., I'm sure he'd attend both shows!

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