Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 7: Len Wein And Teddy Bears

The story doesn't match the great title, but it has its share of amusing moments.  It's probably Byrne's worst issue on the title though.  Much of it is a typical Marvel Comics slugfest in which She-Hulk beats the villain Xemnu.  Fortunately, there's a bit more to the issue than that, but the metafictional elements are certainly subdued here.

Here are some random thoughts on the issue:

*She-Hulk has a romantic daydream about her Avengers colleague Hercules.  Perhaps Byrne was foreshadowing something here, but he would leave the title after one more issue, so nothing would come of it.

*There's a funny scene wherein She-Hulk and the other characters all have a conversation hanging upside down, which Byrne draws using all headshots.

*Xemnu attempts to mate with She-Hulk but finds her not furry enough, so he rigs up a machine to make her grow fur.  If Xemnu were real, then he could make a lot of money at furry conventions.

*Byrne does some strange parody of comics editor Len Wein by making him a giant child named "Enilwen" who has a teddy bear collection.  Xemnu ends up being given to Enilwen.  I suppose even if one isn't in on the Len Wein joke, the scene is weird enough on its own to be memorable.

*And just when the comic couldn't get much stranger, the next issue gueststars Santa Claus.


  1. in terms of superheroes, only captain america appears more than the hulk in the art of daniel johnston.....what does it mean, wred fright?

  2. It means Daniel Johnston is very patriotic, but also enjoys the sense of childlike innocence The Hulk can represent.


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