Monday, August 13, 2012

She-Hulk And Palookaville

As I noted in a recent post, I've been rereading and unloading my comic book collection over the past decade.  I'm down to two piles.  The first is a conventional superhero series, the sort of thing that most people think of when they think of comic books.  The second is an alternative series, the sort of thing that people who argue that comics is an art form love to hold up as an example.

I'm fond of them both.

The first is a bunch of She-Hulk comics.

No, I didn't leave them until the end because I'm ashamed of them.  I actually left them until the end since I was still trying to get a couple of back issues. She-Hulk sounds like an easy comic to make fun of, but her comics have actually been quite interesting over the years.

The second is Palookaville, by the Canadian cartoonist who goes by the name of Seth.  I saved this series for the end because Seth is in the middle of an unfinished storyline and the issue with the conclusion is supposed to come out this month.

I've only been waiting since 1998 for him to finish the thing.

Even if it's not finished, I'm still finished with my collection.

Don't worry though, I still read comics. 

I just don't hang onto them for decades anymore.

During the course of the project, I always wanted to do a daily blog about it (I read most of the collection one comic a day so it wouldn't become overwhelming, but I did speed that pace up the last couple of years since I didn't want to be collecting Social Security and still be reading back issues of the Uncanny X-Men that I bought when I was thirteen), but I never did so.

Well, for the grand finale of the project.  I will be blogging daily about it.

So get ready for a lot of She-Hulk.


  1. This is probably a task I should take under consideration. I have issues of cap and the Avengers that came out in the Reagan era that I haven't looked at song edge George w Bush era....

  2. It's fun to go back and reread them. It's also fun to get rid of them. I cleared out about 30 boxes. Now I don't have to move them around anymore.


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