Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sensational She-Hulk 3: Spidey And Shulk

Spider-Man gueststars in this issue in what John Byrne points out is a cheezy attempt to boost sales.

Random thoughts on this issue:

*Spider-Man calls She-Hulk "Shulk".  The nickname never got on, but it is a fun word to say.  Try it yourself.

*After the cliffhanger from last issue, She-Hulk does indeed get her head cut off, but it gets washed away in one of those ridiculous and convoluted explanations that only superhero comics can get away with.  In the meantime, Byrne has fun with a few panels where She-Hulk is only a head.

*Spider-Man punches a villain's head off.  Fairly gory for a code approved comic.  They must have been snoozing when this one went through review. 

*One of the villains gets his head transplanted onto She-Hulk's body, but being a male chauvinist, he demands a new body.  The gender politics in this series is quite humorous.

*All in all, the comics felt like a better issue of 1970s Marvel Team-Up.

*She-Hulk answers a letter in the letter column.

*Great art!

*She-Hulk demands they skip some boring scenes and cut straight to the chase scene.  Byrne was really having fun mocking comic book conventions.

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