Thursday, April 7, 2022

Print Edition Of Blog Love Omega Glee!

When I published Blog Love Omega Glee over a decade ago as an ebook, Amazon didn't have their print on demand counterpart for the Kindle, so the entire novel never appeared in print.  It did have some print appearances.  Go Metric published an excerpt.  I traded a zine version with a few fellow zine publishers.  Another excerpt appeared in Working Stiff, a professional wrestling literature anthology.  But if you wanted a print version, you had to print out the pdf itself.  A few years later, Amazon introduced their nifty print on demand service, so my next novel, Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead, appeared as both an ebook and a print book.  I never went back to redo Blog Love Omega Glee as a print book.  I might have looked at it, and the novel was too long for what Amazon had available at the time (it is a really long novel); I don't remember.  As the novels piled up though, the absence of a print edition of one of the novels became more obvious (the other exception is an ebook version of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus, but there actually is an electronic version available; you just have to know where to look--think of it as an Internet scavenger hunt), and I started looking into getting a print version.  Well, I am happy to announce that effort was successful, and Amazon now has a print version of Blog Love Omega Glee available.  It costs twice as much as the other paperbacks of my novels do, but that's because it's not much shorter than the print versions of the other three novels available through Amazon's print on demand combined.  It came in at the exact page limit of Amazon's print on demand service at 828 pages (as I mentioned earlier, it's a long novel).  I had to make some formatting shifts to make it fit such as running the chapters immediately after one another, but overall it came out pretty well.  I am curious to see the final product in person myself.  I also found a couple dang typos while doing the formatting and fixed them in the ebooks (you can find the free ebooks here:  pdf and epub).  They're pretty minor, so maybe no one else but myself would notice or care, but I figured I'd fix them anyway.  I didn't update the editions on Amazon, Google Books, Smashwords, or whatnot because that always opens up the proverbial can of worms (see my discussion of getting Fast Guy Slows Down through the strange Smashwords hurdles), but if you have one of those and you are a completist, the solution is to just download one of the free pay what you want versions and not pay since you already paid through one of the corporate booksellers (I'm not quite sure why anyone orders that novel through them anyway, but some people have their preferred vendors); you can make it another scavenger hunt to see what the typos were (only if you're really, really bored, I imagine).  It was fun to revisit Blog Love Omega Glee though, and I was glad to see that the novel and the humor holds up.  Unfortunately, it looks like we're all living in a world much closer to its dystopia now; I would have preferred not being so prophetic (of course, when a novel is set in 2012, that might not be the best word, but I suspect you know what I mean).

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