Monday, March 21, 2022

Fast Guy Slows Down Now Available On Smashwords!


My new novel, Fast Guy Slows Down, is now available on Smashwords!  Smashwords distributes the ebook to a number of eretailers such as Barnes & Noble, so, with luck, it should be propagating through them in the future.  Personally, I'd buy it directly, but some folks do have their preferred retailers that they are comfortable with, so I try to make sure the novel is available widely.  Uploading the file was a bit more troublesome than I remember from the past.  I had to recode the epub several times to dump center and break tags, which I don't remember having to do ever before, but the file should still look all right, if not exactly as I prefer (from what I can tell the Sony ereader has trouble with those tags, so they're not in the current ePub guidelines--a workaround is just deleting them or making an equivalent code with a style sheet or another tag).  Regardless, the file is up, so give it a read please.  It is very different from most other modern literature and entertainment.  For some people, that means better, but there's an inherent value in all art, so aesthetic decisions are best left to the individuals interacting with it.  My guess is that if it made me laugh, then it will have a similar effect on most other readers.  For those it doesn't, I hope that they find something more to their liking. 

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