Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Fast Guy Slows Down Now Available On Amazon Kindle!


Fast Guy Slows Down, my new novel, is now available on Amazon Kindle!  Some folks really like their Kindles, and Amazon does not play nicely with other epubs, so it is available for those folks.  I do sell a few books through Amazon, but I'm always amazed with each book, they don't just say no thanks to me uploading another novel that will be among their worstsellers, so thanks Amazon for not saying no thanks.  My Kindle readers appreciate it.

Both of them.  Really.  A print version is in the works, and Google Play Books and Smashwords (who distribute my novels to Barnes & Noble, Apple, and others) are coming up, so if you prefer to get your book through one of those channels, it is on the way.

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