Friday, March 25, 2022

Edna's Employment Agency TV Pilot!


Don't get too excited.  The tv pilot actually predates the Edna's Employment Agency novel, as I originally wrote the story as a teleplay.  I just stumbled across it again while working on a movie screenplay.  The teleplay was still pretty funny, which I was happy about.  It's basically the first chapter of the novel.  I could easily write a teleplay from the other chapters (there are 14 in total in the novel).  Since streaming services are going crazy gobbling up content, I figured I'd note again that a pilot script already exists if anyone's interested.  If any production company wants to take a look, then please email me at wredfright AT AT AT yahoo DOTTTTTTTT com, and I'll be happy to send it along.  In fact, I think all my novels could be adapted for series, except for Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead, which would be better suited to a feature film (one could certainly adapt the whole Question Dudes concept to a series though, but the story of the novel would work best compactly).  The other novels lend themselves better to episodic telling and could be series.  Some could go on further.  I don't plan on ever doing a sequel for anything, but, for example, I could see The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus having several more stories in them.  One could have Antigone join George and Theodorable in a new band immediately after the novel ends, then have solo adventures of the five main band members (including Antigone) over several decades, capping off as a reunion when the fellows are in their 60s.  Blog Love Omega Glee is probably long enough that just telling the story in the novel would take a series.  Fast Guy Slows Down would be fun to see as a comic book/graphic novel since it is a superhero story of sorts anyway.  Just like I enjoy hearing cover versions of my songs, I would enjoy seeing adaptations of the novels in other media.  

I also enjoy cashing checks, so feel free to get in touch if that's your line of work and you need good material.

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