Monday, March 28, 2022

My Dead College Roommate Screenplay

I had an idea for a longer story and didn't want to write another novel so soon after finishing Fast Guy Slows Down, so I wrote it up as a screenplay for a giggle.  It's called My Dead College Roommate, and it's about a dude who traces his crappy life back to when his college roommate disappeared and he got accused of his murder, then the roommate shows up on his doorstep 35 years later having traveled through time asking for help in getting back to 1988.  It's a comedy, of course, so I put on top of that little situation a ninja Romeo, a femme fatale for a daughter, an incontinent elder, flamethrowing goons, a very angry young woman with multiple sidehustles, an eccentric professor who thinks hissing at people is an effective confrontational technique, some jabs at the absurdity of modern higher education, college radio hits from 1988, gags about death and the pharmaceutical industry, and much other silliness.  Here's a sample of the fun (from one of the many chase scenes that make up the film) that always makes me chuckle:

If you want to read the rest of it, particularly if you're a Hollywood producer, then please email me at wredfright where'sitat? yahoo dott dott dott com (I'm assuming that if you're human you can figure out that email address, and if you're not human, then why are you reading this?  Read some nice times tables instead!).

If you're not into film because literature is so much better, then please read Edna's Employment Agency for your literary laughs!

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