Tuesday, March 22, 2022

WTGIFU: A Musical Comedy


I've been writing a screenplay, which made me dig into some of the other scripts I've written.  About a decade ago, I wrote a musical comedy for the stage called WTGIFU:  A Musical Comedy.  WTGIFU stands for Why The Government Is Fucked Up.  It's about local government and set at a candidate's forum for the city council and a voting location.  It was both delightful and depressing to see that the humor still held up.  Delightful because the play is still funny and could be produced today (in fact, if you're looking for a play to stage, then email me at wredfright AT AT AT yahoo DOTT com).  Depressing because most of the subject matter remains all too relevant.  There is some election chicanery which ten years ago would have been a left wing concern/conspiracy, and now would be a right wing concern/conspiracy, but other than that, it's like time stopped (maybe the voting signature book might have to be an iPad now).  I even wrote some songs for the play (it is a musical after all).  My favorite is "Why Does The President Always Have To Be Such A Fuckhead?", which applies whether it's 2013 and Obama's president, 2018 and Trump's president, or 2022 and Biden's president.  Some things, alas, are eternal, though I suppose partisans of either party would like the song more when their guy (or gal) isn't in power.  I even recorded music for "Jesus Is My Beer" (one of the candidates is a recovering alcoholic who found religion).  It would be great if this play would be staged one day, but it's a little too vulgar for community theater, and people are too sensitive these days in the traditional theater strongholds such as Broadway, so it will likely only remain on the page.  I will likely publish it someday in a collection of shorter works, but any theatrical producers and directors are welcome to get in touch.  It is a very funny play.

For a very funny book, read Fast Guy Slows Down!

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