Friday, April 15, 2022

Severe Platter Damage on Bandcamp!


Severe Platter Damage is now on Bandcamp at  It is also still available for listening at SoundCloud as well.  I am working on getting it on Spotify and whatnot, so stay tuned.  With luck, you can hear the album on your favorite streaming service soon.  The liner notes are still at, though the Bandcamp edition already includes them for those who buy the album as a download.

Next week should see the first single from the new album, so stay tuned there as well.  I'm getting into the songs from 1995 on now, so the new album covers the songs in the set still from The GoGoBots and early Wred Fright solo eras.  They will probably appear on SoundCloud first and then, once collected as the album, probably elsewhere if things go well distributing Severe Platter Damage in a more conventional manner.  There are no plans for release on vinyl, cassette, or cd, but if you really are into those formats, you could send me a blank cassette or cd-r and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I'd make one for you if you asked nicely.  For vinyl, you'd have to ask some record company to contact me to acquire the vinyl rights and press them because I still have a few copies of a record from 1994 that I'm trying to find good homes for, and I don't want another box of vinyl hanging around the house. Ditto for 8-track I suppose if anyone still does new versions of those.  For booking inquiries, get in touch, but the live performances are just me and an electric guitar, so it won't sound much like the album (unless you want to hire a backing band for me).

And, speaking of bands, here's a bonus Yeast? track for you:     

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