Friday, April 8, 2022

New Yeast? Soundcloud Page!

I have to clear up some space on my SoundCloud page, so I will be deleting "Happy Tears" by Yeast?, so if you want to download it from there and have not done so yet, now would be the time.  I should also note that I heartily recommend downloading.  As cool as streaming services are, files can disappear at any time.  Yeast?, for example, probably was one of the earliest bands to have music online.  We started at the Internet Underground Music Archive or IUMA for short.  Here's a little article on what happened to them:  I don't remember what year the Yeast? files disappeared from IUMA, but they were up until a few years after the band itself was defunct.  Then I think I put up at least one Yeast? file on MySpace.  It disappeared along with the rest of MySpace, although this site claims to have some of the lost MySpace files:  I assume SoundCloud's files will disappear in some corporate merger or RAID failure, so enjoy it while it's there.  Ditto for any Yeast? stuff on YouTube or whatnot.  The same goes for any music you like.  Download it and back it up if you want to up the odds on enjoying listening to it in the future.  

Since I will be moving "Happy Tears" shortly, I set up a Yeast? page on SoundCloud, so you can find the track there, along with a few others.  As mentioned earlier, I recommend downloading the tracks if you like them.  I'll probably be featuring the tracks here in subsequent weeks.  Here's one to start:

While uploading these, I enjoyed listening to all the many other bands named Yeast on there.  That appears to remain a popular band name.  We might have been the second ones to use it.  There was a band on C/Z Records that appears to have been the first to use that name.  When we learned of them, it was too late to change the name, and they appeared to be defunct, so we just added a question mark to the name like Therapy? (we liked Therapy?; otherwise, we would probably have gone with an exclamation point or maybe even an interrobang).  After we called it a day, the floodgates broke open.  Some of them unfortunately are dreadful.  I remember some bonehead in the 1990s claiming we stole his band's name, which was hilarious because his Yeast formed after ours had broken up (apparently, he was too dumb to look up things on the then-current Ultimate Band List, but not dumb enough not to send a whiny email).  Over the years, there's been a screamo band, a weepy piano band, an electronic artist, and some indescribable (apparently, in Asia, people like to listen to just the audio of anime or something ?????).  It continues today.  Just plunk Yeast in at Soundcloud.  Of the new Yeasts, I like these guys the best, but it looks like they broke up in 2003.

If you want more Yeast?, then listen to our classic 1994 7" (not on the new SoundCloud page)!

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