Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Print Edition Of Fast Guy Slows Down!

I received a print copy of Fast Guy Slows Down, and, once again, Amazon has done a terrific job with their print on demand work!  It really is a nice trade paperback.  It looks good!  It could be on the shelf at Barnes & Noble with all the trade paperbacks printed in China and just blend right in.  If a bibliophile sniffed around closely, then he or she might be able to discern that it was handcrafted (metaphorically, I'm sure they're using machines to do this, but they are producing them presumably one at a time when someone just orders a copy) and made in the USA.  Once again, I am very pleased with their work and grateful that I don't have to order 500 or 1000 copies of the novel and have the boxes sitting in my garage for the next decade until the print run is sold out.  If anyone does want an autographed copy, just get in touch (wredfright where'sitat yahoo dott dott dott com--you'll figure it out if you're a human), and you can either mail me one with a self-address stamped envelope or make arrangements to buy one through me--we'll figure it out.  If you don't want an autographed copy, then this way please:

And now some bonus Yeast? for the soundtrack while you're deciding whether to order an ebook (cheaper) or a print book (nicer) (it's a short song, so think quickly!):

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