Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New Single!: Rub My Arm

This song was cobbled together from four song ideas that individually probably wouldn't have been as strong as this one.  The first one was from observing young people getting drunk early in the morning on St. Patrick's Day (I would think one would have to be drunk already to think kegs and eggs was a good idea, but apparently that's not the case).  I remember one time I was driving to work on the morning of St. Patrick's Day and stopped at a red light when one young woman crossed the street in front of me pausing merely to puke in the crosswalk before moving on.  That was over two decades ago.  She's probably somebody's middleaged mom now, and I would hope she isn't yakking in the street at 8 a.m. anymore.  

The second idea came from just seeing an attractive woman very excited about her new Hyundai and thinking about how vehicles are used as status symbols.  If she were a man, she'd probably have to have more than a Hyundai to impress someone, but since she's a woman she could be in a junker and some dude would still be hitting on her (but hopefully not actually hitting her and ending up in a car accident--not a good way to meet someone).

The third idea came from just picking up one too many bad albums at the library by an established band and wondering why they would tarnish their legacy with work that's clearly substandard.  Playing music is fun, but it's just sad when people get locked into it and have to knowingly release crap just to pay the mortgage/rent.  They'd probably be happier just changing careers, but I guess once you've been a rock star, it's hard to spend time in a cubicle or something.

The fourth idea just came from watching how lovers give off signals when they want to leave an event, say a party, and spend some quality time alone.  Usually inebriated, one partner usually starts rubbing the other partner's arm and sometimes starts rubbing her or his whole body up against the partner's.  Even if one is having a good time at the event, that's a hard signal to ignore.

Musically, it's the usual guitar, keyboard bass, vocals, and drums.  For the weird instrument this time, I just "rubbed" the microphone.  You can hear that most clearly at the beginning and ending of the track, though an amplified version of the rubbing provides most of the rhythm for the third input.

This might be one of those songs that other people like more than I do, so it might hang around in the set longer than it would otherwise.  And, speaking of sets, when the hey are you going to invite me over and feed me and have me play you a set?

You don't even have to rub my arm.

Unless you're a honey in a Hyundai.

Lyrics are below:

Those young drunks stumbling around
On St. Patrick's Day
Will someday be parents
And not so much fun
As when they were young and dumb

Rub my arm with
Both your hands
And tell me that you want to
Go home
Rub my arm with
Both your hands
And tell me that you want us
To be alone

I saw a honey in a Hyundai
So I bought myself a Ford
And she just said is that all you can afford?
So I got myself a Kia
And she just said, "See ya!"

You can keep your abundance of caution
I'm OK with some risk in my life
No one wants to hear your new album
Maybe find yourself another career
It's not too late to go back to college

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