Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Last Week On The Stack

Last week on my Substack, I published two pieces.  The first was "Grop The Neanderthal Announces Bid For Senate" and the second was "How To Do A Hollywood Celebrity Twitter Account By Howard Ibe Trans, Social Media Consultant".  

Yes, since there is no equivalent now to the National Lampoon of the 1970s, I have to do it myself apparently.  It's been fun experimenting with The Stack.  More will come this week.  To get it emailed to you, just sign up here:  https://wredfright.substack.com/.  Half of the stuff is public, so it's free.  The other half you'll have to pay for, which is good because then that frees up time from work and gives me more time to write silly stuff for you, but you can subscribe for free and get the free stuff if you're having budget problems.  And, of course, as usual, the blog will be featuring stuff.  More music is coming up, with luck some more drinkdrankdrunk, probably another tale from the virus panic, and it is, of course, time for our quadrennial attempt to get those darn governors' names off the highway signs in Ohio.

If you need something to read while you're waiting, I suggest Fast Guy Slows Down!

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