Friday, April 29, 2022

Blog Love Omega Glee In Print!

I received a copy of the print edition of Blog Love Omega Glee, and, just as with the print edition of Fast Guy Slows Down, Amazon did a really nice job!  The novel is very long (the print edition is actually at Amazon's limit--828 pages), so the book is very big.  It could be a murder weapon or an industrial strength doorstop (please don't use it for the former--the latter is OK though).  I just measured it, and it's over 2 inches thick.  So far, it looks well-constructed, but we'll see how it does with multiple rereadings.  In any case, it's nice to have a print version of this novel that can be put on the bookshelf along with my other novels.  I'm not planning on selling any of these directly, so if anyone does want an autographed copy, just get in touch (wredfright where'sitat yahoo dott dott dott com--you'll figure it out if you're a human), and you can either mail me one with a self-address stamped envelope or make arrangements to buy one through me--we'll figure it out.  If you don't want an autographed copy, then this way please:

And here's some bonus Yeast?:

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