Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Return Of Anal Spikemobile!

I am still clearing room on the main SoundCloud page, so Anal Spikemobile is next to graduate to their own page, which you can find here:  I wrote about the album in a previous post.  Listening to it remains a trip and cracks me up.  If you want to download the original track, it's still up for the moment at, but whether you download it from the old page or the new page, I would download it if you like it, as Internet music sites have a tendency to disappear (though the original track has been up since 2013, which is an impressive run, so SoundCloud must be doing something right).  I like the description on the new page of the band:  "Anal Spikemobile was a band from Pennsylvania/Ohio USA who terrorized audiences in the early 1990s."

That about sums it up.  Dave and I did some crazy stuff live.  One time we played from different sides of the room (The Gargoyle in Warren, Ohio USA if I remember correctly, which was very tolerant of our various musical projects).  Another time, though it may not have been Anal Spikemobile officially (Maybe Rage Against Dabney Coleman? I don't remember), we opened for The Entombed and scared their tough metalhead audience (I kept swinging out into the crowd with a long microphone line--somehow we didn't get into a fistfight with anyone; I think a couple of them even said they liked us).  So if you're listening to this nuttiness on the recording, then imagine what it was like live.  Fortunately, we didn't play out often; otherwise, we might not have survived.  In any case, it was a far cry from today's shows, where people are asked to show their vaccine passports and usually just stare at their cellphones instead of watching the band, and the band's more worried about extending their brand on social media than they are about rocking out.  Let's hope the times get cooler and to do that let's be cooler ourselves.  A good start is to rev up The Spikemobile and take it for a drive here!

For a more conventional but still fun listen to music by these musicians, listen to the Yeast? 7"!

And, speaking of Yeast?, here's a bonus for you:

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