Wednesday, April 20, 2022

"The Little Squirrel And The Baby Eagle" On New Pop Lit!

New Pop Lit published a short story of mine entitled "The Little Squirrel And The Baby Eagle" as one of their special projects, so thanks to them!  The story was inspired by a cute little fellow who showed up last year.  I first noticed him (or her, or if he's a nonbinary squirrel, then them) last year.  He looked like a cross between a squirrel and chipmunk (you can see him at the base of the tree in the picture).  I still don't know what he was/is, but he didn't seem to fit exactly any of the descriptions of local squirrels, so maybe he is a mule equivalent of a squirrel and chipmunk getting it on.  Who knows?  If so, he can reproduce because we had like 5 running around the yard last year.  For little guys, they were pretty tough and would chase the bigger squirrels away from their territory.  Unfortunately for the little squirrels, some eagles and hawks moved into the neighborhood and since then the big squirrel can hang out in the yard all day unmolested because there are no more little squirrels to chase him away.  I hope the cute little fellows just found an area with two black walnut trees to harvest instead of just one and moved away to there, but I fear they more likely ended up in the belly of an eagle.  Thus, this short story.

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And, as a bonus, here's some Yeast? for you!:

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