Tuesday, May 3, 2022

New Recording!: "The Calling"

After The GoGoBots wrapped up, I was finishing my dissertation and didn't have time to be in a band, so I went solo and just played guitar and sang.  I also released a song a month on my website.  This song, "The Calling", was one of those.  I recorded with a single microphone that sat in front of my guitar amp while I sung into it while playing the guitar.  The results were pretty lo-fi, but they sounded good on the little computer speakers of the era.  I used to put the MP3s on MP3.Com (long gone now) and I made a Real Audio version for streaming.  I did that for about a year or so until I graduated and lost access to my website (hosted on the university server).  The university kept the site up for quite a few years afterwards, but eventually they pulled the plug, and by that point MP3.Com was long gone as well, so it's probably been over a decade or so since anyone's heard "The Calling".  It's a song that I really enjoy playing.  It documents someone trying to repress her or his true nature or desire, and, of course, failing.  I kept the matter ambiguous so the listener could identify with her or his own such struggle.  Certainly, people could interpret the song as being about sexual orientation, or being in love with someone the conscious mind was trying to avoid, or any such matters.  I always personally interpreted it as just playing music past college.  In college, being in a band was cool, but, postcollege, when people play in bands, people often regard them as stuck in terminal adolescence, so I've known more than one former bandmate who liked to pretend that he had put music behind him as he settled down to an adult career and whatnot, but he could never deny the creative spirit and eventually would end up playing music again.  Sometimes, you just have to rock out, no matter what the world thinks.  Musicwise, this rerecording has me on the usual vocals, guitar, keyboard as bass, and drums.  I don't recall using a weird instrument on it, but I monkeyed around with multiple vocals.

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And, speaking of Yeast?, here's some bonus Yeast? for you!

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