Friday, May 6, 2022

Wred Fright On Spotify!

So RouteNote did their job and got Severe Platter Damage on Spotify, which is cool.  Unlike Neil Young (who over a half-century after exploiting the tragedy of May 4th for financial gain has still never shown up to play "Ohio" in Kent, Ohio USA for one of the May 4th commemorations), I like Spotify.  For other independent artists out there, I should note that OneRPM was annoying to deal with and the other music distributors generally want you to cough up money before distributing your music to streaming services (and that's about the only way to get your music on a streaming service).  The reason they want you to cough up money is because they know they aren't going to make money from you, so they need it upfront for their work.  RouteNote has an option to pay a flat fee as well, but you can do that after your music catches fire and starts earning (in the meantime, it's like a 70/30 split in favor of the artist).  So in the unlikely event your music goes viral, you can always switch up and keep 100% of the royalties.  Not to be a negative nelly, but there's a lot of music out there (some of it even good), so odds are bad no matter your talent, so I opted to play it conservatively and pay nothing upfront for distribution.  Fortunately, I found RouteNote, and it's worked out so far.  I have friends who are paying $20 a year to distribute their music--and that's actually not a bad price compared with some distributors--(and that's every year--if they don't pay, the music gets dropped by the distributor and from the streaming services).  They get to keep 100% of their royalties, but 100% of nothing is nothing.  It would be nice to make bank from streaming royalties, but you need a lot of plays to make any money.  Still, it's how a lot of people listen to music today, and it is great having instant access to almost all of recorded music history including the new stuff coming out.  You can find Severe Platter Damage at  They also have a cool feature called Artist Radio, where a bunch of similar music gets featured along with the individual artist.  On Wred Fright Radio, I'm in interesting company including PJ Harvey, Modest Mouse, Therapy?, Beat Happening, GG Allin, Electric Eels, Mirrors, Jay Reatard, Swell Maps, and much more cool stuff.  I even found a cool new band called Helvetia that way.  Presumably, that's an algorithm doing that and not some grizzled college radio dj manually curating, but if so, then that's a pretty hip algorithm.  If you listen to it also, then we'll double my listenership--ha!  I'm guessing that RouteNote has the album out to the other streaming services as well, but if not, then please just let me know, and I can look into it.

And here's bonus Yeast? for you (who are not on Spotify):

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